Inferno Lighter

Why the Inferno Lighter is the Practical Choice

A nice tasting and satisfying cigarette or cigar can be totally ruined by the effects of a bad lighter or match. The butane used in some lighters can often linger and be tasted in the mouth, overriding the tobacco taste. Matches meanwhile, have a sulfur smell that not only detracts from your smoking experience, but annoys those people smoking around you. The good news is that there is a new trendy product that gets rid of these irritations. Called the Inferno Lighter, it is even seen as a fashionable accessory!

On the practical level, its zinc alloy exterior renders it tough to damage. This makes it less heavy and noticeable in the pocket than traditional stainless steel ones. It's also aesthetically pleasing with the quirky flip top around the nodes.

This lighter is made for the modern smoker on the move. Therefore it is very quick to charge and lasts a long time once charged. Instead of batteries, it uses USB technology so can be easily hooked up to any computer or device with a USB port. So you can even plug it into your laptop while you are working.

Anyone who has used a lighter in the wind will now how irritating it is to keep the flame long enough to light something. The Inferno is totally different as it uses dual-beam technology. A letter X is created by two beams that cross each other. So no longer do you have to worry about inclement weather such as rain or wind like when using flame lighters such as cheap butane ones.

With the Inferno lighter, no longer is one faced with the hassle of having to refill a stainless steel lighter. No longer is money being wasted on continually buying new lighters. All of these small hidden costs and inconveniences have been eradicated. Simply plug it into a USB port and wait for it to recharge. It's a great item even if you're not a smoker. For example, you might love camping or outdoor pursuits. Either way, you are going to look pretty cool compared to your sulfur match, plastic or steel lighter using colleagues!